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Innovations, Technology, reliability, quality are important values ​​for us. That is why we bring our attention to the manufacture of our vehicles to ensure optimum durability of our products. Our two sites strategically located throughout the world must be worn by the quality value to the French.

Oxo International Department


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Tél : 06 40 07 69 43
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Oxo Asia Department

production subsidiary

Ningbo harrison Vehicle CO  LTD
N°218 Guangming Road Zhuangshi industrial zone
Zhenghai Ningbo city (china)
Mobile Phone: 0086 13685870798
Phone / fax: 0086 57486579288
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The French Touch

The Technicians

Oxo has a team of project specific technicians who, using the latest  technology and  engineering concepts, are dedicated to providing excellence in performance, reliability and strength.

The Factories & Markets

Oxo manufactures their  all-terrain, utility,  city life, sports and leisure vehicles themselves, in their own factories. They have factories in Asia and France.  They are firmly established on the European, Asian and Australian markets. Coming soon… America.

The Feel

Oxo leisure vehicles symbolize driving pleasure. In the city, on country roads or all-terrain, wherever you want to go, Oxo will get you there with panache, character and that unmistakably. Made in France French style.

Design oxo


Discover Oxo buggies new generation design made ​​in France. They are fully designed by our design teams located in our offices in research and development. New car sensation of 2014, buggies Oxo each have their own style but retain all the brand’s know-how of design teams Oxo. Urban and urban finesse of Oxocity velocity of sleeker vehicles with Oxorace through the Oxokart and side road, there inevitably has an Oxo buggy that suits you. With their neat and unique design, the Oxo know how to differentiate while scoring minds. Equipped with high quality finishes combined with unrivaled driving sensations, the Oxo do not forget easily.

approval oxo

OXO: Made in France Street Legal and EU approved

Because we know you want to drive off-road and on-road, every single Oxo all-terrain vehicle has passed numerous tests in order to prove their road worthiness and gain street legal approval.
Oxo vehicles meet current EEC and EPA construction standards, legislation and type approvalOxoride, Oxotrack, Oxospyder, Oxocity, Oxokart 800 SP Race‘s approvals from the EPA are coming soon.
In simple terms, this approval certifies that all Oxo buggies, be they for all-terrain, utilityleisure or the city, conform to current EU legislation. Of course this also guarantees that you will get a vehicle that meets Oxo’s own high standards: quality, design, energy and French style.
These rigorous standards mean that you can drive your Oxo without ever worrying about  manufacturing quality. You will know that, for your all-terrain buggy, you have the guarantee of serious European craftsmanship, carried out with care  in France by the Oxo team. Drive your life with OXO: French automobile constructors of the future.

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Oxo buggies adapt to your state of mind

Oxo create, design and manufacture buggies to suit one and all, from city driving to   utility,  all-terrain, leisure and   competition.  But not every driver has the same needs. This is why the  Oxo technical team is there to help. The Oxo technical team will not only answer your questions but will work with you to meet your individual needs and customize your Oxo buggy to your very own lifestyle and desires.

Oxo from the expertise oxobike

You know Oxo Bike and know-how in buggies and karts? Oxo Oxo becomes Bike and extends the history of buggy made ​​in 100% configurable France.

Oxo, buggy 100% modular and flexible

Oxo buggy is a fully adaptable and flexible vehicle. Configurable to suit your tastes and activities, your Oxo will follow you everywhere : in the city, on the roads, to transport equipment , the circuits …