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oxokart 800 sp race


With even more muscle than the Oxokart 500 SP and Oxokart 500 SP Race, the Oxokart 800 SP is a vigorous Powerball of a buggy. It’s the natural continuation of the Oxo range from leisure buggies to competition buggies. The raw power of the Oxokart 800 SP will blow your mind. So come on, get in behind the wheel of this meteoric racing machine today!

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oxokart 800 sp race
Red / White / Black
other colors on request


data sheet

Standart Equipment:

Aluminum rims, 12V socket, bucket seats, seatbelt 4 points, sport steering Wheel, electric winch, luggage rack, spare Wheel, car body polyester.

Specification sheet :
Engine: V twin Liquid cooled HSUN
Cylindrer: 800 cm3 with injection
Power : 14.6 Kw at 6500 tr/min eec    41 Kw (full power)
20 hp at 6500 tr /min eec    57 hp (full power)
Net maximum torque : 41 Nm at 2000 rpm     91 Nm at 4250 rpm full power
fuel tank capacity: 36 L+-0.5
Ignition : electronic CDI
Transmission: shaft 4×2
Gear box:  automatic heightspeed and low speed + reverse
Freins : 4 discs de 270 mm with hydraulic rear hand brake
Tire size : Av 25x8x12      Ar 25x10x12
Suspension : 4 wheel independent double wishbone
Shock absorber : hydraulic adjustable
Batterie : 12V
Dimensions: Lenght 2800 x width 1600 x Height 1600 mm
Total weight : 470 kg

Maximum speed : 43 mph   68 mph (full power)

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Oxo from the expertise oxobike

You know Oxo Bike and know-how in buggies and karts? Oxo Oxo becomes Bike and extends the history of buggy made ​​in 100% configurable France.

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