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Oxo, buggy 100% modular and flexible

Oxo buggy is a fully adaptable and flexible vehicle. Configurable to suit your tastes and activities, your Oxo will follow you everywhere : in the city, on the roads, to transport equipment , the circuits …

Oxo side by side for the future

Oxo Bike has a wide range of all-terrain vehicles 4WD. Looking to the future, the SSV (Side by Side Vehicle ) , halfway between buggy and quad are manageable vehicles, versatile and user friendly. Remaining in a fun line , the Oxo provide unmatched driving pleasure on all types of roads and highways. To you the great outdoors !Oxo and his team of engineers develop vehicles for the pleasure of driving on roads but not only. If you are a lover of thrills on dirt roads , more chaotic and athletes, Oxo are always there to take you there. SSV designed by Oxo teams are real references on the European and world market by the quality of their finishes and unparalleled performance . Available in multiple styles , adapting to your needs and your driving style and use, the SSV Oxo buggies are your best companions. Leisure in the city through the chaotic paths forests, SSV Oxo are spearheads of quality workmanship and design Made In France .
With buggies and SSV Oxo , you choose to trust a constructor that does not disappoint. Fully configurable and adaptable to your tastes, Oxo are manufactured with the finest materials, always with the aim of satisfying the driving pleasure. Choose the best , choose the SSV Oxo to accompany you on the road.



The  Oxotrack is a compact, super  utility,  all-terrain vehicle.  It is an agile and versatile buggy which nips in and out of all nooks and crannies. With its XXL rear cargo bed, it provides you with a mean of transport beyond compare. Whether you are a  farmer, builder, gardener,  hunter, whether you own a  golf course or a  riding centre,  Oxotrack has been designed for you.

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